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Water Cooled Ducted Split Airconditioners

Water Cooled Ducted Split Airconditioners
Cool phase by phase, invest little by little.
Blue Star is India’s leading central airconditioning company with over six decades of experience in providing expert cooling solutions. Fulfilling the needs of a large number of corporate and commercial customers, Blue Star has established leadership in almost all the segments it operates in.

It understands your business like no other and provides solutions that cater to all your needs. All the products are tailored to your specific requirements, backed by one of india’s widest after sales service networks.

Uniform cooling of commercial spaces is not an easy task, especially when it is a sprawling commercial complex or a shopping mall. To ensure a certain level of comfort for the customers, uniform cooling of such hugh establisemnts is extremely essential. Malls, for example, need special attention, so that customers can enjoy their shopping experience in the comfort and luxury of a cool environment. However, owners of such large spaces often face a number of conventional problems when it comes to airconditioning.

The problem

Locked-up investment

Promoters invest in complete central airconditioning system for the entire complex even before its occupied.

No individual control

Tenants within the complex have little control over the airconditioning of their own spaces, and share bills for power they may not be consuming.

Limitations on placing ODUs

With most buildings having glazed exteriors nowadays, placing air cooled outdoor units is quite difficult, as in individual air cooled ducted system.

Blue Star introduces the innovative new DSW series of Water Cooled Ducted Splits – a revolutionary answer to the needs of airconditioning commercial complexes.

The solution

Invest as you go along

Just provide the cooling water system with convenient tap-off points initially. The airconditioning equipment and ducting can be planned floor by floor or shop by shop, as they are occupied.

Be pound wise

Individual owners can purchase their own equipment, and plan their ducting the way they desire. Which means capital needn’t be locked up at the initial stages of the product.

Independent control

The DSW series of ACs offer flexibility of individual airconditioning for each space within the mall, even while offering all the benefits of central airconditioning.

Architectural freedom

Blue Star’s water cooled ducted splits don’t need space on the slides of your buildings to mount their outdoor units. The indoor and outdoor units are hidden away conveniently. Completely facade friendly!

A win-win situation

Blue Star’s DSW series

it presents a win-win situation for both promoters and occupiers of malls. Available in 3, 5,5,8.75 and 11 TR capacities, in a single and multiple configurations. the DSW series can aircondition a wide variety of spaces.

Water Cooled Mini Ducted Units

Blue Star introduces Water cooled mini ducted units of 1.5 TR, 2.0 TR and 2.5 TR capacities to suit small airconditioning applications. These are unitary airconditioning with compact closed refrigerant circuit. In this compact system, compressor,evaporator, shell and tube condensers and all accessories are mounted in a single insulted cabinet. The machines come with high efficiency rotary compressors and maintenance friendly shell and tube water cooled condensers. Minimum refrigerant piping length improves the efficiency. Compact size of the machines and low noise fans mae it an ideal choice for commercial complex, hotel rooms, industrial airconditioning, cement plants and malls where there are advantages of better energy efficiency and individual control. The installation can be done very fast and simpler as it will require only water pipe connections and minior ducting at site.

  • Micro processor based controller
  • Wide operating voltage from 175v to 260v
  • Service friently design
  • Power coated finish
  • High pressure protection
  • Auto restart after power failure