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VRF System

Blue Star is India’s leading HVAC solutions provider. Our expertise in providing airconditioning solutions to diverse industrial domains comes from our experience of over 7 decades in the industry.

Today, the company is a market leader in almost every aspect of the cooling business – Room ACs, VRFs, Packaged and Ducted Splits and Chillers in the airconditioning space and Water Coolers, Deep Freezers and Cold Rooms amongst refrigeration and cooling products.

Apart from its wide range of products and solutions for which the Company offers technical and service support across the length and breadth of the country, Blue Star is also known for its commitment to technology. Over the decades, Blue Star has been the pioneer in introducing the latest technologies in the industry to the indian market. We brought in the first scroll and then the tandem scroll packaged units to give our customers heads up on power savings. We developed the first high-performance packaged units that cool high sensible loads and even at high ambients. We switched to eco-friendly refrigerants well ahead of others. We introduced inverter technology in various product rannges. And we developed unique VRF solutions that suited the indian tropical climatic conditions.

Cutting-edge R&D

Blue Star’s innvoations are born out of the high-end R&D establishment that has been painstakingly put together over decades with the brightest brains and the latest equipment in place.

Recognised by the Department of Science and industrial Research (DSIR) – Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Blues Star’s R&D has enabled the company to file more than 25 patents and win many prestigious innovation awards.

Blue Star’s R&D equipped with advanced engineering design software such as pro ENGINEER, Solid Edge, PRO-Mechanic, Alias and ANSYS Fluent. There are also advanced software tools employed for system design, Product performance rating, selection and heat exchanger optimisation.

World-Class testing facilities

Blue Star’s infrastructure for conducting various performance tests on new products is one of the largest in the country, ensuring that every product and technology is tested vigorously before being productionised.

The Company’s chiller testing facility is AHRI-certified.

The R&D also has ppsychrometric test facilities to conduct performance tests on the DX systems range in line with international testing standards.

Products designed are also subject to various reliability tests before they are cleared for manufacturing. These include endurance, vibration and shock tests along with life-cycle and ageing tests to rigorously test design reliability.

All Blue Star products are designed to perform under tropical conditions such as high ambients, high humidity, under extreme voltage conditions and fluctuations. All designs are tested for performance under high ambient conditions and extreme power conditions as prevalent in India.

Advanced psychrometric test lab at Dadra

Blue star’s Dadra factory has a modern Psychrometric Test Lab that can simulate and test VRFs under various conditions. All machines manufactured at the factory are rigorously tested for various parameters at this facility before despatch. Customers too can witness actual performance tests conducted on the new VRF IV Plus before despatch of their machines, making Blue Star one of the few companies in the airconditioning industry offering this facility.

World-class manufacturing

Blue Star’s manufacturing strength is spread across seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the country. The new Blue Star VRF IV Plus units are manufactured at the contemporary and modern factory at Dadra. Set up to international standards, the products manufactured at this ISO 9001-2008 certified factory are sold not only across india but exported to various countries across the globe too.

Ensuring an excellent finish

Blue Star’s production facilities use raw materials that are of the highest quality, including corrosion resistant, galvanid steel for enhanced life and rust protection. The equipment used to process the steel include CNC machines such as the Amada punch press, hydraulic press and specialised microprocessor-based protection and resistance welders. All these machines ensure superior quality in cabinet fabrication to tight tolerances.

All products are powder coated by specialised process equipment from Nordson of the USA on fully conveyorised lines. These equipments are fitted with electro-mechanical oscillators that ensure an even powder coating. A ‘smart spray’ mechanism senses movement of the conveyor and geometry of the component to adjust powder flow.

Blue Star is equipped with a high-tech coil manufacturing setup using imported Burr Oak machines that can manufacture high-efficiency plain coils as well as enhanced split fins for superior heat transfer. The cooper tubes are then processed by a bank of PLC-controlled Burr Oak machienes that ensure perfect bonding between the cooper tubes and fins for superior performance. The coils are then tested for fine leaks with ultra-sensitive electronic leak detectors to enhance reliability.

Unique features of the VRF IV Plus

  • Highly efficient inverter compressors
    100% Inverter advantage
    Specially designed ODUs
    Designed for high ambient conditions.
    Wide operating range
    High system efficiency
    Superior accumulator design
    Wide voltage range
    Innovative refrigerant-cooled heat sink
    Superior oil management system
    Weather-proof ODU design
    Conformal coating for PCBs
    Computerised design for reliability
    Large capacity and wide range of ODUs
    Long and flexible piping design
    Quiet mode
    Demand Control mode or Economy mode.

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