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Condensing Units

Superior efficiency. Superior value.
with over seven decades of experience in comprehensive cooling solutions, Blue Star brings you a range of reliable Condensing Units to meet the cooling needs of large commercial spaces and corporate customers.

With a unique modular design, these units deliver consistent performance over a wide operating range and ambient conditions. Available in more than 20 models, they are ideally suited to meet the cooling requirements of a wide variety of applications such as auditoriums, marriage halls, exhibition centres, textile showrooms and factory shop floors. Allowing the use of various sizes of air handling units as evaporators.


  • Open Chassis Structure
  • Highly Efficient Compressor
  • Mega Condensing Units
  • Low Roof-load Weight
  • Run Time Equalisation
  • Shell & Tube Condenser(Water Cooled Models)
  • Capacity Modulation in Steps
  • Intelligent Controller
  • Digital Setting of Temperature Levels
  • Built-in Time Delay
  • Auto Distribution Load
  • Protection Mechanism
  • Auto Restart

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